Hi, and welcome to SSOZINHA. This website was curated by writer and content creator Shirley Sozinha, aimed to educate, inspire and unite people from the diaspora. Aside from the written projects and content, SSOZINHA is an organisation, which aims to network, support and grow within the Black and African community in the diaspora and contribute to initiatives of positive change. 


What can you expect from us? Regular content on our website; we release regular articles on our blog as well as posts on social media such as Twitter and Instagram. We engage in community projects in the form of collaborating with other content creators, and run an organisation named 'Kingdom of Kongo', which is designed to amplify the voices of people from our cultural background.  SSOZINHA aims to divert away from the standard teaching of African history in western education systems, and bring anything from scholarship and historical events, to beautiful cultures of Africa.


We live in an ever-changing world, and sometimes life just gets the better of us, so of course you can also expect some lifestyle content from time to time!

You can purchase official copies of the books written by Shirley Sozinha, which are mainly about Africa, from our official bookstore on this website. As well as the books, you can join in on discussions about the content that is posted here by subscribing to our blog.