What is the difference between Vol 1 and 2?

Vol 1 is no long available, Vol 2 is not hugely different it only includes some minor enhancements and general editing. No chapter names or structures have been changed. 


I ordered my book a while ago, where is it?

Upon the launch of paperback books at ssozinha.com, books are being shipped out in a phased approach until we can regulate supply. Please always check the store page for updates on when the next shipments will take place, so that you know when to place your order.


When will supply be regulated?

We are hoping to have a constant supply of books by September


How will Covid-19 affect my order?

Shipping is pretty accurate, however in light of Covid-19, you can expect minor delays to receiving your products as postal services are operating considerably slower.


What postage company is used?

Books will always be shipped out by Royal Mail.

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