The word Sozinha is a word of Portuguese origin meaning 'alone' and represents freedom in creativity and being bold in who you are and where you came from. Here we encourage not being afraid of being bold; being the only person to write, read or speak about something. Hence the tagline "words to keep you company", this site is a haven for those who enjoy written and visual content, that enhances their knowledge of African History and current affairs, to feed your curiosity in a modern and fresh way.

You can purchase original non-fiction history books about Africa that consist of both reasoning and storytelling to give you a holistic and informative reading experience. As well as the books, you can join in on discussions about the content that is posted here by signing up to become a member and posting your own work. 

Fundamentally, Sozinha aims to bring people together through isolated topics that young people may not find themselves engaging in on a day to day basis. With community projects like 'Kongo Talks', guest appearances on other African-diaspora networks, and regular blog posts on current and historical events in African history - SSOZINHA aims to remove the flatness of subjects like African history and give people information about who they are and where they come from. Who knows what you will discover while you are here...

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