Here's my commitment to you: I will add to this post whenever I come across anything mind-blowing throughout all my research while writing books. Whether its 100 theories or 200 fact, you will be enlightened with original and unique insight into Africa to keep you entertained, just by scrolling through this one blog post. #UncoverTheMother is a hashtag I started on twitter to label when I share random facts about the continent of Africa.

1. The Second Congo War, which began in 1998 and lasted until 2006, claimed the second-highest number of casualties (5.4 million lives), after World War II.The conflict involved eight African countries.

2. Africa has over 85% of the world’s elephants and over 99% of the remaining lions are on the African continent.

3. Some houses in Tunisia are made from fish bones. This is because the locals believe fish have supernatural powers and will protect against evil spirits.

4. Africa is known to be the origin of civilisation and written language.

5. Africa is home to over 1 billion people – half of which are younger than 25.

6. Zimbabwe is said to be the Land of 'Ophir' which was said to be the sacred land that enriched King Solomon and Queen Sheba with gold and ivory, thousands of years ago.“And there is plenty gold and bdellium and the gold of that land is good.” This region would later be identified as Ophir and has been confirmed to be present-day Zimbabwe, where good and plenty gold can still be found along with many other minerals. Among Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana have also been named as countries where ruins of Ophir have been discovered.