African History Quiz #3 - Twitter Thread [Answers]

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You are probably here because you took the quiz on twitter and wanted to see what you got. I am pleased that you took part and hopefully you learn something new! It is always good to check your answers, because the majority on twitter might not always be the correct answer.

So, if it is easier, make a note of what you answered on twitter and then come back here to check your score. If you are new to this, don't forget to follow @ssozinha__ on twitter for more general knowledge African history quizzes. The answers are below.

1. The richest person Africa has ever seen in history is who?

a) Isabel dos Santos

b) Gaddaffi

c) Mansa Musa

*I suppose this is a somewhat a trick question, as Mansa Musa is the richest person the world has ever seen. His net worth would be an estimated $450 trillion in modern money.

2. Which African politician was reburied 17 years after their death?

a) Nelson Mandela

b) Patrice Lumumba

c) Jonas Savimbi

Jonas Savimbi is what some may refer to as the father of Angolan Independence, he was the leader of the "rebel" or opposition party 'UNITA'.

3. Which Legendary African artist made what is called 'music of resistance'?

a) Brenda Fassie

b) King Kester Emeneya

c) Fela Kuti

4. Congo Brazzaville was originally a colony of which European country?

a) Spain

b) France

c) Belgium

5. Nigeria is the richest country in Africa for which natural resource?

a) Iron

b) Oil

c) Diamonds

6. 'Kamerun' was a name for 'Cameroon' given by which European colony?

a) France

b) Russia

c) Germany

Before World War I, most of Cameroon was an African colony of the German Empire between 1884 to 1916. At that time it was known as 'Kamerun' - this was the German name given to it. The Germans were later defeated and Cameroon was given to Britain and France to rule.

7. The Smallest Country in Africa is what?

a) Seychelles

b) Chad

c) Mozambique

8. On the 24th April 2016, a Congolese legendary musician passed away, what was their name?

Papa Wemba [ RIP ]

9. Former US President Abraham Lincoln wanted to send African slaves from America back to which African country?

a) Tanzania

b) Liberia

c) Ivory Coast

Yes, America's Abraham Lincoln was a president who many people do not know was not entirely against the slavery of black people. Why? he did not agree for them to be slaves but he also did not agree with them being equal to whites. He felt that in the lead up to emancipation, there would be tensions between blacks and white people, so it would be "best to keep them separated". His answer to this was sending them back to Liberia, Africa... We'll explore this in more depth at a later time.

10. Agriculture was first recorded in Africa as the oldest crops are said to be how old?

a) 7,000 years old

b) 10,000 years old

c) 12,000 years old

11. Which African country local currency is named the 'Cedi' ?

a) Kenya

b) Ghana

c) Cameroon

12. Which African Country got its independence last?

a) Eritrea

b) Niger

c) Malawi

13. The largest producer of meat in Africa is which country?

a) Ghana

b) Togo

c) South Africa

14. Which Lake in Africa contains the largest number of fish species in the world?

a) Lake Victoria

b) Lake Malawi

c) Lake Kivu

15. In which African country is the name 'mzungu' given to foreigners?

a) Angola

b) Rwanda

c) Uganda

That's the end of the quiz! I hope you enjoyed it and learnt something new! Don't hesitate to send your score to us at @ssozinha__ on twitter. Look out for the next one!

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