Well done! You completed or at least attempted the quiz, that's great! This quiz contains 12 general questions, to test your knowledge on ancient African civilisations. I did a blog post last week titled '5 Ancient African Kingdoms that I'd love to see a series about on Netflix' , and now we're going to follow on from that with a quiz! Now don't worry, this is all a bit of fun. No pressure, you don't have to share your score if you don't want to, but just think of it as a cool way of learning something new. But if you want to share it, or you've aced it and want to share, tell us! We want to know your score!

The answers to the 12 questions are below:

1. What was 'Bono State' used for?

  • a) Mining

  • b) Trading

  • c) Cultivating Land

2. Which one of these 3 was NOT used as a form of currency/exchange across pre-colonial African kingdoms?

  • a) Gold dust

  • b) Timber

  • c) Cowries

Fun Fact: Cowrie is the common name for a group of small to large sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks. Many African legends told that they represent the goddess of protection, who is highly powerful and is connected with the strength and power of the Ocean. The shells have close ties to femininity, and women use them often to help them to give birth, or to bless their marriage. Aside from the connection with women, it represents prosperity also. In the Kongo Kingdom, they were known as 'Nzimbu shells'.

3. Present day central Mali, Eastern Niger and Eastern Nigeria made up which ancient African empire?

  • a) Mali Empire

  • b) Land of Punt

  • c) Songhai Empire

4. The 'Luba-Lunda States' were formed under what circumstances?

a) War and Acquisition

b) Marriage

c) Colonial borders

Fact: Its founder, known by the title of Mwata Yamvo (ruler), was a Luba nobleman who married a Lunda princess.

5. Benin City in Nigeria is the modern day location for the historic Benin Empire. What is the name of the state that it belongs to?

  • a) Edo State

  • b) Benue State

  • c) Ekiti State

6. Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Egypt and Eritrea, were all a part of which African kingdom?

  • a) Nubia

  • b) Axum or 'Aksumite'

  • c) Land of Punt

7. What was the name of the African empire most famous for salt mining?

  • a) Axum

  • b) Saloum

  • c) Kalem Bornu

8. Which two ancient African civilisations are known for mummifying their dead?

  • a) Nubian & Egyptian

  • b) Songhai & Egyptian

  • c) Saloum & Nubian

9. Some people living in Burkina Faso, as well as Ghana and Ivory Coast could likely be descendants of which empire?

  • a) Kingdom of Ghana

  • b) Wadai Empire

  • c) Mossi Empire

10. 'Nzambi Mpungu' is the name of the traditional religious God of which African Kingdom?

  • a) Kongo

  • b) Luba

  • c) Zambezi

11. The capital of the Mali Empire was which city?

  • a) Timbuktu

  • b) Niani

  • c) Gao

12. Which of the 3 was described as a medieval kingdom in Africa?

  • a) Egyptian Empire

  • b) Great Zimbabwe

  • c) Benin Empire

That's it! Well done for taking part. How much did you score? Let us know by commenting on the thread over at my twitter now!

As usual I hope you enjoyed it and learned something new. If you haven't checked out the thread on Twitter about this yet, you can check it out here.


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