Eddie Kadi & Sephora shed light on walking in our purpose - SSOZINHA x BIASHARA HUB Webinar [zoom]

Updated: Jan 15

Hi all,

Following on from the blog post we released on Tuesday that summarised our discussion in the webinar titled 'What is the Congolese Identity?' that we hosted with Biashara Hub. We decided to share some clips from the actual zoom discussion.

Below are a few clips of part of the discussion, lead by one of our special webinar guests Eddie Kadi, who was discussing Congolese people being able to walk in their purpose.


“ok we have had problems with tribalism, some people may feel a type of way about going back to Congo but these are things that other countries have experienced too, and they have found a solution, how comes Congo hasn’t?”



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@sissephora shares a great analysis of how young diasporans view going back to Congo due to their upbringing.

We plan to release more clips of the discussion over the next week to keep you entertained. Remember you can have your say by leaving a comment on this post.

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