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Our Mission Statement

FREE CONGO is a social justice initiative dedicated to pursuing justice for the citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo. We endeavour to fulfil this by ending impunity, seeking reparations and passing legislation to protect the land and its citizens.

We want to bring justice to Congo by ending impunity. Impunity can be defined as the exemption from punishment when committing a crime. It is the glue that binds the local and the regional war criminal network together, allowing them to rape, torture and kill Congolese people to gain access to land and minerals, hence why Congo is bleeding. To end impunity we are calling for the creation of an international criminal tribunal to try regional and local criminals based on the Mapping Report produced by the United Nations which details war crimes that have been committed against the Congolese people.

In the long run, the FREE CONGO will strive to seek reparations for the crimes of theft, plundering and colonial atrocities. Our vision is to develop protective legislation for the land and its citizens including a due tax commission payment to paid to [the Congolese government] following any foreign mining operations.

The above is the ultimate goal of our uprising and we kindly ask that you join us to stand in solidarity for this cause.

Please continue to scroll down to view all relevant information about the London protests and other methods of call for change that we will be implementing over time. We will section off information by country so that you can see what is happening in different places in the world.

A group of us in the UK have come together to call for a London protest about the #SilentHolocaust in Congo DRC. This is the #FreeCongo protest and we are urging every Congolese and neighbour to join us in this fight that our people back home are facing.

This is a serious cause and we must take this opportunity to protest to spread our message and the way we feel individually about the injustice our people face back home.

This protest will be held on the Sunday 1st November,

5pm - 8pm at Parliament Square. The location is:

Parliament Square, Westminster, London, SW1 0AA.

IMPORTANT: It is fundamental that we all wear masks to attend the protest, we have to be conscious that this is still a crucial period in this Covid-19 global pandemic and we want to conduct this as safely as possible.

If you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms (coughing (dry), fever, high temperature, loss of smell and taste, sneezing, running nose - please stay at home to avoid putting others at risk.

Please do not group in larger groups of 6 people. 6 people per one group MAXIMUM .

Please be on time and arrive at the location by 5pm.

Avoid littering, anti-social behaviour or conflict at the protest to ensure we focus on getting the message across. We do not need any self-inflicted negative press.

We have checked with GOV UK on their protest rules and it states as long as there is NO march involved, we do not need to inform the police, so we will be stationed in one place for the 3 hour period. See below for the government's specific guidelines.

What to bring to the protest?

  • Banners - Facts Only! Below in blue are some examples of statements you can put on your banner:

- Impunity in Congo - An estimated 1500 people dying daily , no-one held accountable

- 48 women per hour are raped in DR Congo

- United Nations classes Congo "the rape capital of the world"

- Congo is the world's largest reserve of Coltan, used for electronics such as phones, TV's, cars etc.

- Congolese people are being killed by rebels for minerals and land

- Protect Dr Denis Mukegwe at all costs! - Congolese gynaecologist who helps rape survivors whose life is at risk.

- Officials in Rwanda and Uganda are targeting Congo for minerals and land

- You could dip your hand in red paint and print it onto your banner to show solidarity with Congo, to symbolise #CongoIsBleeding

  • Flags

  • Microphone (if you have one and would like to)

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Mask

  • Water


"No, more, silence"

"Justice for - DRC"

" No Congo, No Phone"

How to spread the word?

  1. Share the protest poster on your social media platforms and don't forget to include the hashtag #FreeCongo

  2. Continue to post tweets using the #FreeCongoFromImpunity

  3. Go Red for Congo! Take a photo of you wearing a red item or holding a red item for example a bracelet, a red t-shirt or even a red pillow. Post the picture with this caption:

"I am wearing red to raise awareness that #CongoIsBleeding. In Support of the #FreeCongoFromImpunity protest on he 1st November [or enter details of your city's protest]".

Other Support Causes

We are also in support of the #JusticeForBellyMujinga and #JusticeForChristopherKapessa movement. Please join us to stand for them too.

Pages / Organisations in the Community to follow:

- YellowSundaycd

- Revive Congo

- Genocost

- Mukegwe Foundation

- Savethecongo

- Congo_Mboka243

- Womenofcongo

Protests outside of London

There are currently #FreeCongoFromImpunity protests scheduled to take place in Tokyo, Japan, North Carolina, New York City, DMV , Washington, Washington DC, Belgium and South Africa. If you would like to know more about these, or extend the #FreeCongo protest outside of London and in your city please contact @seaofknees_ on Twitter and we will be able to help spread the word.

More information will be added here so please check this post frequently.