Kongo Talks Episode #2

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Hi all, so the second Kongo Talks session took place yesterday 18th May 2020. It was a really interesting conversation and maybe even controversial! I have conjured up some footage as you can imagine there was 80 minutes of footage. Below is a short 15 minute highlights clip which shows you all the takes that were mentioned in the conversation.

Enjoy! (Apologies for the sound at times, the footage is recorded from zoom)

Song: I'nnos B - ozo beta mabe

Once again a huge thank you to those in the video are the following (on twitter): @Naomicarolynn @_marvelkaluu @_JaeMonae @MrAlves07 @Prisca_Miezi @misterrarity @MarlonBa94

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Take care and stay safe!

- SS