Motherland Menu's: 01. Featuring EMW & Kwaku's Kitchen

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I hope that you are well. So you'll be pleased to know that we have launched a brand new project here at named 'Motherland Menu's' - this section of the website will feature recipes from African, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-American and Afro-Latina chefs and caterers. You'll be able to visit the page, scroll through recipes and learn how to cook them yourself using our step-by-step recipe guides. It will be a really nice way to connect people from the diaspora through food, especially after coming out of #Covid-19, it would benefit all of us to be able to learn how to cook traditional food.

I'm going to give you some background as to why Motherland Menu's fits in so well with what we are trying to do with the Pan-African movement.

How does food help connect the diaspora?

Firstly, learning about food that originates from your culture and others that you may frequently interact with, we believe adds layers to the experiences and the similarities that you share with other people from the diaspora. You've heard the saying, "food is the way to the heart", well we know that in Afro native households, this is the one thing that always brings people together, undoubtedly a pillar of family life is being able to indulge and enjoy food from back home, no matter where you are in the world. Not just in the diaspora, but the communion of food is important in Africa, Asia and among any other people who are very traditional.

We are also at a time where the diaspora is more fluid and we are integrating in many different ways. For example, through entertainment, family, entrepreneurship and employing each other (economically), and of course through food. There has been a rise in african, afro-carribean, american and latina fusion-food as I like to call it. The type of plate where you can basically travel the world in one meal but you just know the food tastes homely? Yeah. So Motherland Menu's gives everyone a chance to learn their favourite Afro-native meals, and the great thing is that the recipes are supplied by your favourite Afro-native chefs. Anyone can try it, and any self-appointed chef can share their recipes.

Every time a new cook drops a recipe on the Motherland Menu's page, you'll know about it as a new blog post will drop to inform you that you can access the recipe. You can also use the upload your results button, to show everyone how your attempt at the delicious recipes went!

Feature No.1 - Eventsmeetsworld & Kwaku's Kitchen

For the first feature, we have two amazing African cooks from Nigeria and Ghana. They are @Eventsmeetsworld and @kwakuskitchen. The two have kindly cooked two original African dishes and submitted a signature dish from their ranges of foods on their menu's.

Let's talk a bit more about the businesses.


Events Meets World is an events management company who strives to offer elite catering and equipment hiring for every occasion need. They business caters to a wide variety of events, leaving no table un-turned. From weddings to birthday parties, baby showers to social events.  They proudly work in connection with their main supplier Yeti’s Kitchen, a supplier of bespoke and authentic Nigerian dishes. EMW says the food has been acclaimed by their customers, so it is a partnership that works well.

One thing we really admire about this business is the way they have been able to tie the everyday catering with events and how they are able to scale up and down. It's good to know that they're there when you just want to grab a meal prep for yourself and your family, or when you know you've got loads of people to feed. It's great that EMW is this flexible.

A message from EMW:

"We ensure that our customers can enjoy their events without worrying about planning, organising and sourcing equipment and services. We have expanded our reach to hire out catering equipment for events, such as plates, cups, cutlery and popcorn/slush ice machine. The list of our services goes on and on! Being brand new to the corporate catering sector, we have accomplished a lot in such a short space of time. We have to put it down to the engagement of our loyal customers, who we have had the opportunity to work with and share some of their best memories with! A happy client is one of the most important things for us. this is what keeps us striving to improve, and to provide an excellent service. We are excited for the opportunities that the future holds, and we look forward to being a positive impact in our local and cultural community.

In this feature of Motherland Menu's feature, EMW have shown us how to make Aunty Yeti's Famous Fried Rice , once you finish reading, you can view the recipe here:

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twitter/instagram: @eventsmeetsworld 


Kwaku’s Kitchen is a quality & service driven catering company specialising but not

limited to Afro-Caribbean & Oriental Cuisine. Since inception in 2013, the London based

company has catered for clients on an individual & corporate level, including being

the chosen caterer for a senior member of parliament during his prime ministerial

campaign in 2019. The team has a combined expertise & knowledge spanning over 20

years in the hospitality industry. We source the best quality ingredients from our local

trusted and ethical suppliers whilst maintaining our core values of professionalism,

service excellence & efficiency.

Kwaku's Kitchen also caters to events, and hosts its own event called KK Brunch LDN. - London's first bottomless food & drink party. Where people can come together to eat, drink and dance. It is safe to say that Kwaku's Kitchen are pioneering in the catering industry, by extending their in-house services to entertainment. So it's safe to say it is not just good food under the KK umbrella, but good vibes aswell!

In this feature of Motherland Menu's feature, Kwaku's Kitchen have shown us how to make Grilled Tilapia & Fried Yam Chips, once you finish reading, you can view the recipe here:

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Twitter: @kwakuskitchen @kkbrunchldn

Instagram: @kwakuskitchen


Youtube: Kwaku's Kitchen

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