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**Below is a template for a letter that can be sent via post or email to your local constituency MP, to raise more awareness of the situation of impunity in the Congo. This is just a template and you can use it as a basis, if it does not align with something you personally would like to address. Feel free to copy and paste it for your use.

Dear [MP name],

I am writing to draw your attention to the ongoing violation of human rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The DRC is home to over $24 trillion dollars of natural resources and is the richest country in the world in terms of natural resources. Despite this, Congo ranks as the 176th least developed country out of 188. We as British citizens who are of African heritage, are increasingly uncomfortable with the lack of foreign aid and condemnation of the war crimes that are still taking place in Congo. The main thing we are trying to rid the country of is impunity - when people are not prosecuted for their crimes. We believe the continued silence of members of European Parliaments allows for the impunity in Congo to continue.

According to the United Nations Mapping report , 617 war crimes were committed against Congolese people between 1993 to 2003. Yet none of those implicated have been held accountable. Consequently between 1998 and 2008, over 5.4 million Congolese people have been killed due to the endless conflict in the country. That is equivalent to Scotland’s population. As you can see this is more than just a cry for help, there is a massacre taking place in Congo DRC.

Congo deserves justice. To aid us in the fight to end impunity in Congo, I am calling for you and your party members to address this in the presence of other political figures including the Prime Minister - as a matter of global humanitarian concern. We are asking that you acknowledge that as British citizens who live and pay taxes to this country, we would like those who have stolen, raped, looted and killed in Congo be tried based on the Mapping Report produced by the United Nations which details war crimes that have been committed to Congolese people.

In the year 2012-13 , it was reported by the BBC that the U.K. were reviewing the aid agreement with Rwanda, after evidence of Rwanda supporting rebel forces in the eastern of Congo. The “brief UK announcement emerged after the Dutch foreign ministry confirmed it would no longer be making payments worth $6.15m (£3.9m) to Rwanda's aid budget until it had received reassurances from Kigali. The UK government said its general budget support payment was being delayed while the government reviewed whether the expectations associated with the strict partnership principles surrounding the disbursement of aid are being met. Total UK aid to Rwanda in the year 2012-13 is projected to be about $118m” - this is concerning considering in the last 10 years, the U.K. has not been reported to issue Congo any aid. Furthermore, this is clear evidence of the U.K. being a subsidiary to Rwanda throughout the entire time that Conflict has been rife in the DR Congo.

In the long run, we would like to see Britain leading by example, by having the government and / or British companies paying a due tax or commission to the Congolese government any time that a foreign mining corporation is set up in Congo. We would also like to see Britain discuss its role in the dark historical past of Congo and begin to work towards offering the country reparations for the part that Britain played.

In the past, Congolese people have protested and attempted to raise awareness of what is happening in Congo. However, governments and media outlets have remained silent in relation to this issue. As a member of your constituency, I believe that [insert area] stands for justice and that on both a national and international scale, you will do your part to seek and enforce this. Furthermore, as my local representative in Parliament, I would be grateful if you could write directly to the U.K. Foreign Secretary and the Prime Minister to raise my concerns.

I look forward to hearing from you,

[Your name]


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