Twitter African History Quiz Thread #2

Updated: Jan 15

Hi all! So you're here because you've taken the twitter quiz and want to see your answers, we've got them for you below. Tally up your scores and head back to twitter: @ssozinha__ to share your result...NO cheating!

1. What African Country is known as "Africa in Miniature" ?

a) Togo

b) Cape Verde

c) Cameroon

2. In which African country does attaching a goats tail to the back of a taxi mean good luck ?

a) Ivory Coast

b) Senegal

c) Guinea

3. Which African country has the dialling code +224 ?

a) Angola

b) Guinea

c) Mozambique

4. Which town in Nigeria's Oyo State is known as the "nations home of twins" ?

Igbo-Ora - this is a town located in Oyo State, southwestern Nigeria

5. 'Kwanza' is the official currency of which country?

a) Zimbabwe

b) Tanzania

c) Angola

6. Which African country created the world's first ever prosthetic limb?

a) Egypt

b) South Africa

c) Morocco

Ancient Egypt produced the world's first prosthetic limb, a toe made out of leather, wood and thread and dated between 950 and 710 B.C.

7. What is the name of this instrument from South Africa, and what is it made out of?

"Kudu Horn" - made from the horns of an antelope

8. Which African country named its capital after a US president?

a) Zambia

b) Liberia

c) Algeria

The capital city of Liberia is named 'Monrovia' after the US president James Monroe

9. What African river is the world's *deepest* river?

a) River Nile

b) River Senegal

c) River Congo

10. What is the royal and sacred object of the Ashanti people of Ghana?

a) Golden Stool

b) Pearl

c) Kente

11. Haile Selassie, the former emperor of Ethiopia is claimed to be a descendant of who?

a) Cleopatra

b) King Solomon

c) Jesus Christ

12. Which group of three contains all 3 countries in the commonwealth?

a) Nigeria, Botswana, Cameroon

b) Nigeria, Malawi, Sudan

c) Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa

13. What African tribe have the highest rate of twinning (having twins) in the world?

Yoruba - Nigeria

14. Which language is most spoken across east Africa ?

a) Amharic

b) Swahili

c) Oromo

15. Monokutuba is a language spoken in which African country ?

a) Rwanda

b) South Africa

c) Republic of Congo

16. 'Fang', 'Nzebi' and 'Obamba' are all ancient tribes that can be found in which African country ?

a) Gabon

b) Cameroon

c) Mali

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