Twitter - African History Quiz Thread ANSWERS

1. Which African country flag is made contains colours Blue White and green ?

A: Sierra Leone



2. Answer the riddle correctly : which two separate African countries have names that sound the same?

A: This was a trick guys, it was actually CONGO DR & CONGO BRAZZAVILLE ! BOTH NAMED ‘CONGO’.

But I would have accepted: ‘Liberia & Nigeria’ , ‘Niger and Nigeria’, ‘Rwanda & Uganda’

3. Which tribe can be found in all 3 countries : Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo

a) Mende

b) Akan

c) Senfuo

4. Which of the three groups of countries all gained their independence in 1960?

a) Nigeria, Ghana, Togo

b) Somalia, Congo DR, Nigeria

c) Congo DR, Congo, Uganda

5. These nicknames all belong to places in which ONE African country? Light of the nation Land of promise Centre of excellence

a) Kenya

b) Nigeria

c) Zimbabwe

6. Which today country was known as the slave coast in pre colonial Africa ?

a) Togo

b) Algeria

c) Benin

7. Which today African region is said to be the biblical land of ‘Ophir’ ?

a) Egypt

b) Gambia

c) Zimbabwe

8. The worlds oldest and still functioning university is located where?

a) South Africa

b) East Africa

c) North Africa

9. The Hutu’s are a tribe originally from which African region?

a) Uganda-Rwanda

b) Rwanda -Burundi

c) Zambia-Zimbabwe

10. Which of these African countries do not speak french?

a) Chad

b) Sudan

c) Togo

11. Which African country hosted Muhammad Ali’s Rumble in the Jungle fight against George Foreman?

a) South Africa

b) Congo DRC

c) Sierra Leone

12. Which African country gained their independence first?

a) Ghana

b) Libya

c) Sudan

13. Which country was formerly called the Gold Coast in pre colonial Africa?

a) Ghana

b) Sierra Leone

c) Niger

14. Which African country was formerly known as Upper Volta in pre colonial Africa?

a) Burkina Faso

b) Chad

c) Swaziland

15. Where is the highest mountain ‘Kilimanjaro’ in Africa located?

a) Kenya

b) South Africa

c) Tanzania

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