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1. In which African country can cotton fabrics dated back to the 1000's be found?

a) Mali

b) Congo DR

c) Rwanda

2. Name the Nigerian cloth fabric that can also be referred to as "top cloth" ?

Aso Oke

3. Answer the riddle correctly: traditionally wore white linen tunics that were sewn to fit them. Barefoot or straw or leather sandals, men and women wore eye-shadow and lined their eyes with black kohl to protect their eyes from the glare of the sun.

Which African country am I describing?


4. What is the favoured colour among the Maasai people of Kenya?

a) yellow



5. What African region is well known for its 'Sapeurs' or Dandies - men in flamboyant affluent dress.


6. Taibo Bacar is a famous African fashion designer from which country?

a) Ghana

b) Tanzania

c) Mozambique

7. Kahindo Mateene is a famous African fashion designer from where?

a) Nigeria

b) Congo DR

c) Sierra Leone

8. 'Capulana' is a traditional fabric from which African country?

a) Ivory Coast

b) Cameroon

c) Mozambique

9. One of the main colours in African clothing is Gold. What does this colour represent to African people?

a) royalty, wealth and loyalty

b) wealth and fertility

c) prosperity and life

10. 'Isiagu' is a form of traditional attire that belongs to which African tribe?

a) Swazi

b) Igbo

c) Zulu

Worn by Igbo men, made from suede materials and can also be referred to as "Chieftancy"

11. Former president of Zaire (Congo DR) President Mobutu rejected western clothing i.e. suits and ties, instead he wore a what?:

a) Liputa (cloth)

b) Abacost

c) Boubou

He wore an abacost which was a type of tunic, it was short for "a bas le costume" (down with the suit).

12. Which well known African designer, designed British Airways's 100th anniversary uniform in 2019?

a) Duro Oluwu

b) Ozwald Boateng

c) David Talale

13. A specific African country can also be known as the Pearl of Africa, which country is it?

a) Sierra Leone

b) Zimbabwe

c) Uganda

14. A "tekua" is a form of headdress from which African country?

a) Ghana

b) Togo

c) Burkina Faso

15. The "Chechia" is a traditional hat originated from which African country?

a) Guinea

b) Ivory Coast

c) Cameroon

16. Which popular Afrobeats star walked in the MFW week 2019?

a) Wizkid

b) Mr Eazi

c) Busiswa

17. South Africa Fashion Week began 17 years ago with 17 Fashion Designers. How many designers does it now show?

a) 25

b) 45

c) 55

18. The Gomesi is a very popular dress in ?

a) Uganda

b) Kenya

c) Cameroon

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