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This post is just a collative of all the information we have come across relating to the #CongoIsBleeding movement on social media. We want to highlight some key areas of development that Congo are in need of, to make it easier for every one to be more informed. Please feel free to comment on the post if we have missed out any issues or not highlighted some.

#SilentHolocaust #CongoGenocide - for decades now, Congolese people have been killed by rebel forces and even authorities... sometimes as war crimes and sometimes as result of them standing up against the misconduct of the government.

Corrupt Leadership - As it stands, Congo has just elected a new president at the start of 2019 named Felix Tshisekedi, before him we had Joseph Kabila as president for 18 YEARS. Under his reign, the disruption in the East of Congo DRC became rife, with an influx of Ugandan and Rwandan rebel attacks in that region. He served way over his legal years of constitution and all evidence including the #PanamaPapers , points towards the UN being complicit in aiding him to keep the presidential seat for as long as he did. Congolese have wondered what the UN have received in return for supporting such a corrupt leader, whose people have protested against endlessly. The UN have made no "intervention" in assisting Congo to date.

Resource Problem - Much of Congo's mineral reserves are located in the East. This is why the region is the most conflict ridden. There are mining companies operating in the area but the economic issue will remain if those companies are not owned by #Congolese. Congo is unable to compete in the world market with their minerals which would essentially propel the nation to the richest in the world - because access to our outsiders has been long agreed by pre-existing Congolese governments (Kabila). Now that Kabila is no longer president, he was willing to step down to welcome the incumbent Felix Tshisekedi after a 18 year long period of resistance. He now takes the role as a Senator for life, so he still remains in power and thus the actions that were taken to feed resources from Congo to Rwanda be it legally or illegally , still stand as long as he is involved in the government. This is why many Congolese people suspect Joseph Kabila of being a Rwandese infiltrator... though it is not a proven fact.

Not to mention, Congo having the biggest Coltan reserve in the world providing us with a staggering 80 % of its coltan. Among being the richest country in natural resources on the planet. How is it that this country is still in poverty? One way to understand the complexity of the situation is by asking yourself this question: "How is it that the richest country in natural resources, is one of the poorest countries in the world?". The level of theft taking place is on an amplified scale as many parties are taking a piece of the pie. Also it is very important to note, without the country, the world's technological industry would cease to exist.

Child Labour - We have seen the disturbing clips of children mining for less than £1 a day as young as the age of 4. How can it be that children are made to work in these conditions mining coltan for rich corporations like #samsung #apple #elonmusk and none of these corporations have incentives to invest in the country that keeps them running or at least ensure that no children are working under such conditions. If they were not operating in Congo would they allow children to mine raw materials? Or would they be faced with the hand of the law?

Rape - Just yesterday on Twitter we shared a post of Congolese women leading a march (of course men were also in attendance) but the march was called upon by women because of the recent reports of unprosecuted acts of sexual violence by aid workers. The WHO, Red Cross, MSF and OXFAM have deployed workers into Congo to manage the Ebola virus outbreak that recently has been few and far between in the Congo. The women are being forcefully impregnated and infected with sexually transmitted diseases. They are also blackmailed and told they can only have aid jobs if they have sex with the aid workers... People that have been deployed to help in a crisis? It is said that the UN are urging victims to come forward but still no arrests have been made and the reports were filed in the last days of September... find more info here [article]

Poaching Problem - In Virunga Park, many rangers who protect our precious Gorilla's have been killed in violent attacks by suspected Rwandan rebel groups. Earlier this year saw some of the most violent attacks and over 20 park rangers have lost their lives to this in 2020. Congo's Gorilla's are just one of the many things that make the nation a great country and we do not want to lose them to poachers who want to take them to European zoo's. #SayNoToAnimalPoachers see more info here [article]

We want change! Please share this post and stand with us in the #CongoIsBleeding movement by sharing the hashtag #CONGOISBLEEDING #CONGOGENOCIDE we will not stop until we are acknowledged and heard. A win for Congo is a win for the entire continent of Africa.

Please help us to donate to @ReviveCongo to help support the youth in Congo https://www.revivecongo.org/support-us

Please help @yellowsundaycd to meet their £2000 target to support Congolese women in Congo by donating here https://t.co/nN3BH9gEO3

Please view the work of the Panzi Foundation DRC which frequently collaborates with Dr. Denis Mukegwe Foundation for survivors of sexual violence. https://www.panzifoundation.org/panzi-hospital

Please help UPIA VISION CONGO REFUGE FOR WAR VICTIMS Organised by Philomena Wankenge via #GoFundMe you can donate here - https://t.co/rccGRc2h4t

Please help Rachael's Foundation by donating to Widows and Orphans in the DRC by using this link https://www.gofundme.com/f/gofundmecomloveinabox?utm_medium=chat&utm_source=whatsapp-visit&utm_campaign=p_lico+share-sheet

Please help CongoInThePicture raise video equipment for youths in Congo via #GoFundMe you can donate here - https://t.co/hVh1c6lbUC

Please also sign this Amnesty petition to help stop impunity in the DRC https://join.amnesty.org/page/68571/petition/1?locale=en-US


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