A short eBook about the novel Coronavirus that swept the world in the year 2020, following an outbreak in Wuhan, China in December 2019. There has been much speculation since the number of cases were first published where China and then Europe were the first places to be hit hard by the pandemic. Scientists had a lot to say about the slow rate of increase of cases for the disease across Africa, this left many people wondering... what will happen if Coronavirus hits Africa the same way it has hit the western world? How will Africa manage? How has it managed previous epidemics and how is Coronavirus similar or different to these?


In this book, the author explores 3 main viruses; Zika Virus, Ebola Virus and Coronavirus. The symptoms, ways of transmission and prevention are all discussed throughout this book and at the end a predictive conclusion is made about the future effect of the deadly Covid19 on the motherland.


Why document history when we are living through history now? 

Coronavirus: Africa On The Brink