In this book, Shirley Sozinha takes a dive into African folklore and all the wonders [or horrors] that come with it! The African Underbelly is a compilation of stories, tales, traditional beliefs and practices, hearsay some fantastic artwork on which she collaborated with talented @ArtbyAde [on Instagram].


The definition of "Underbelly" here is " a hidden or criminal part of society ". Now think of all the things that originate from Africa that you do not know, because you were simply not taught or because it was purposely kept from you...


Feed your curiosity! As a reader, you will begin to wonder about things they might have heard about Africa, but could never confirm if they are actually true. Or things that you have heard, but they are a taboo to speak about because they are "old school" or "superstitious". The author is trying to reveal that the REAL underbelly is what people don't see, and why should we hide it or be ashamed of it as Africans, it is who we are. There are 12 Countries explored in this book, they are Angola, both Congo's, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Somalia, Senegal, South Africa and  Zimbabwe.


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The African Underbelly

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